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RE: [IP] Hirsuteness and Infusion Sets

What's wrong with shaving your abdomen, or at least the patches
where you stick the next two sets? No shaving soap or anything
required -- just do that in the shower with a disposable razor or
blade. If the bald patches bother you, well, I figure they will be
bald anyway -- either after shaving them, or three days later,
after ripping out the old set. (Ow!)


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Subject: [IP] Hirsuteness and Infusion Sets

Okay, I admit it, I'm powerless over my body hair. I use Inset and

Cleo infusion sets. The Insets stick much better than the Cleo's
on my  
hairy body.

Short of doing the "big shave" or, worse yet, "body wax," does
have any suggestions on dealing with infusion sets and body hair?
prefer using my abdomen for sites. My belly is hairy. Other than  
somehow making myself double-jointed and auditioning for "Cirque
Soleil," there's very little chance of me finding a "less hairy
for a set.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Hoping I'm not going to have to buy stock in Gillette,
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