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[IP] Lows

When first diagnosed my lips use to tingle and I could tell something was
going to happen. I have had diabetes 37 years, that symptom doesn't happen
anymore. I sometimes don't want to take anything when low or its just that I
am so confused it is hard to make a choice because you are in a daze and
zillions of thoughts are going through your head, what do I eat??? what was my
bs? what do I eat? no don't want that, then you just stand there and can't
decide but always listen to your body and do what you need to do. Get your bs
back up. You can deal with whatever later. Just eat something. I usually don't
remember to suspend pump but that would help also.  It would be nice if others
knew what you were going through but only we understand what our bodies tell
us. Listen. Sweating. I mean sweating. I told my girl friend I don't know
about hot flashes because it may be a reaction. I hit my dad once when I was
12, he got me juice, came out of it, got all weepy after. I do not like lows,
very scarey. Sometimes major migraine after. Feel drained. Well geez don't ya
think you are? And others don't even have an inkling what you have just gone
through because you sometimes functioning really well, walk, talk, but really
you are in a zombie state. I am not ashamed and let anyone around me know I am
having a reaction, doesn't hurt to ask for help either.  Was with another
girlfriend getting spring flowers, hadn't eaten, needed lunch and just went
down to the ground. It was like my legs weren't working. She got a cart and
took me to the car and we got something to eat. I really scared her. Check
your bs before you drive. Keep glucose tabs near at all times. I have gel in
my purse and one in the night stand. I sometimes use juice, those little
kool-ade drinks 15 carbs, quick, cold, just flip top and drink, check blood,
go from there.  Highs just like first symptons drink, use bathroom, sleep,
grouchy, moody, tired.
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