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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V10 #795

Well, Cynthia, my pump failed around 10 p.m. and I did call the pump  company 
to order a replacement before the call to the dr. I called the doctor to  get 
an Rx for NPH since the replacement was not to arrive until sometime  
 Saturday. It's been a long time since I've used NPH and wanted some assistance
converting my dose. I guess the overwhelming lesson from you and the  dr. last 
night is to not call a dr. in the middle of the night when your pump  fails. 
Despite Marie's kind response, apparently I did do something wrong. I  won't 
make the same mistake again.
Well, I guess I am not sure why the middle of the night call?  I would  call
the pump company to get a new one shipped asap, but not a doctor.   I have
had my pump fail 6 times now and have never had to call a doctor  except once
to get a Rx for Lantus.  I have since decided to not use  Lantus as part of
my back-up plan.  I just bolus a lot with Humalog (or  Novalog) and keep
checking my BG.  I have never had to wait more than a  day and a half to get
my replacement pump...oh wait, once it was a full 2  days.  So, I guess my
question is "what did you want the doctor to do  for you?"  Did you need a Rx
for something?  If the doctor on call  was not an endo, I honestly doubt that
they would have been much use to  you.  As far as getting "fired" from your
doctor, I do think that sucks  and would seek out a better co-worker in this
disease.  Before embarking  on a new doctor quest, ask yourself what went
wrong with the last one?   How can communication be improved and what are
your expectations and are they  realistic?  I am sorry this happened and hope
that your new pump arrives  safe and sound very soon.
Regards,  Cynthia

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> You  did nothing wrong.  It is the doctor's attitude about being  awakened
> in the middle of the night.  I can't tell you if a doctor  closer to your
> home will have a different attitude when called at night  or any other
> time.  A half hour wait is short. But it seems long  when you have an
> emergency. I have had doctors not call me back at all  and I went to the
> ER. I found a new doctor also.  When you do  please tell him/her about
> your experience.  And ask about reaching  him/her at anytime.
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> Sent: Friday, February 29, 2008 9:59 AM
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> Subject: [IP] dr. rejection after pump failure in  the middle of the
> night?
> I have not posted in a very  long time. But I'm feeling upset and
> confused
> this morning and  completely depressed about having diabetes and an
> unfortunate
>  incident last night. I need some help and am hoping someone amongst our
>  group
> can offer insight.
> My pump failed last night and required  me to convert to NPH and Novolog
> injections until the  replacement arrives. I followed procedure to reach
> the dr.
> on  call where I seek treatment. It took several attempts for the
>  receptionist
> to reach the dr. via pager during with I waited more than a  half an
> hour. Once
> the  dr. made contact with me, I  questioned the long wait and she was
> less
> than  pleasant  and didn't apologize and blamed the delay on a faulty
> pager
>  battery. During the phone call, she asked me to repeat information
>  several
> times
> and  seemed confused and distracted. When I  grew frustrated with this,
> she
> suggested I go to the emergency  room and scolded me like a child and
> eventually
> said she   was going to call me back and hung up. I am 36. Diabetic 15
>  years.
> Pumper for  six. My a1c has been highter than 7 only twice.  I did not
> pick up
> the phone when  she called back. I  instead emailed my regular
> endocrinologist
> about the experience.  His response was kind, but included a
> recommendation that
> I find  a  local on-call endocrinologist who can help me should my pump
>  fail
> in the middle of the night (my dr. is about an hour away from where  I
> live). I
> have asked for  clarification of the  recommendation. It appears I am now
> being rejected as a patient.  And I'm not sure how having a local
> endocrinologist
> makes a  difference  over the phone in the middle of the night.
> Any thoughts  from anyone?
> Thanks,
> Deanna
> t1 since 1992, pumper since  02

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