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RE: [IP] dr. rejection after pump failure in the middle of the night?

 I would talk to the Dr in person about the person who was covering. If he
is not responsive I would look for a new Dr.

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Subject: [IP] dr. rejection after pump failure in the middle of the night?

I have not posted in a very long time. But I'm feeling upset and confused
this morning and completely depressed about having diabetes and an
unfortunate incident last night. I need some help and am hoping someone
amongst our group can offer insight.
My pump failed last night and required me to convert to NPH and Novolog
injections until the replacement arrives. I followed procedure to reach the
on call where I seek treatment. It took several attempts for the
receptionist  to reach the dr. via pager during with I waited more than a
half an hour. Once the  dr. made contact with me, I questioned the long wait
and she was less than  pleasant and didn't apologize and blamed the delay on
a faulty pager  battery. During the phone call, she asked me to repeat
information several times and  seemed confused and distracted. When I grew
frustrated with this, she  suggested I go to the emergency room and scolded
me like a child and eventually said she  was going to call me back and hung
up. I am 36. Diabetic 15 years. 
Pumper for  six. My a1c has been highter than 7 only twice. I did not pick
up the phone when  she called back. I instead emailed my regular
endocrinologist  about the experience. His response was kind, but included a
recommendation that I find a  local on-call endocrinologist who can help me
should my pump fail  in the middle of the night (my dr. is about an hour
away from where I live). I have asked for  clarification of the
recommendation. It appears I am now  being rejected as a patient. And I'm
not sure how having a local endocrinologist makes a difference  over the
phone in the middle of the night.
Any thoughts from anyone?
t1 since 1992, pumper since 02
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