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Re: [IP] Add on to earlier post of: lows

I dont get violent... I get emotionall and weepy and cry about being such a
burden on my husband, or I get a little attitude like "Dont tell me what to
do, i know i need to drink the soda/juice etc"

On 2/29/08, Rachel Janssen <email @ redacted> wrote:
> My daughter is almost a teenager but she is the sweetest tempered child I
> know.
> She is always nice and rarely gets crabby or has an attitude. She has only
> really yelled at me about 3 times in her life and all 3 times her sugar
> was low.
> She gets very grumpy and whiney. She also gets moody when she is high but
> she
> can fully function with lows in the 30's. She can feel low at 90 if they
> have
> been high for too long though so it all depends on the circumstances. Hope
> this
> helps! =)
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