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[IP] TV commercial question.....

> Just out of humor how many diabetics can NOT stand that he calls
> diabetes, diabetus??? That always seems to get under my skin when
> I see his commercial let alone anyone saying it, lol.

I have met around 150 cyberpals and you won't want to meet me -- I have said 
diabetES (rhyming with yes) since I was 6 years old (1945), and not dx'd 
until 1950. Then I was told I have sugar diabetES. It wasn't until much much 
later did I ever hear anyone say diabetees. That bugs me.

My dtr has a friend who can't stand people saying Mondy, Tuesdy, etc. She 
thinks they should be MonDAY, TuesDAY, etc. I guess it's the way words 
evolve. It was diabetES wayyyyy before it became diabetees.

In our DM support group of senior citizens and I'm the only T-1, all of us 
(about 15-18) say diabetES except our CDE who is barely 50, if that, and is 
the only one who says diabetees. Don't knock the older people. We've been 
your age - you haven't made it to ours yet. YMMV ;-)

Jan (68.75) & Muskers- T-1 11/50 http://tinyurl.com/hqsk2  - 
http://tinyurl.com/z4j5f - http://tinyurl.com/er5c3 including evolution of 
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