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[IP] Possible to change reservoirs more often than infusion sets?

Does anyone change reservoirs more often than infusion sets?  I am new on my
paradigm but am very insulin resistant (pregnant with gestational diabetes)
and so go through a lot of insulin already...and its only going to go
higher....I'm having to change out every day...and boy, that is going to have
me going through a lot of infusion sets and reservoirs.  My CDE said I may
want to consider changing out just the reservoir...I wasn't sure at the time
if I wanted to so didn't ask how to do that (duh).  Are there instructions
somewhere for doing this?

I use a paradigm 722 and use quicksets.  My basic assumption is that I would
suspend the pump, disconnect the infusion set, and do all the steps to rewind,
manual prime and then reattach the tubing and do the fixed prime.

Am I totally offbase, is this a bad idea?  IT just seems awfully expensive to
have to change infusion sets every single day.

Thanks in advance for advice.

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