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[IP] Re: pros and cons of new pumps on the market?

In a message dated 2/25/2005 9:23:28 A.M. Central Standard Time,  
email @ redacted writes:

In my  experience of lurking, reading many posts  and talking to a few 
in my area,  the more bells, whistles and  appendages they hang  on a pump 
more problems experienced by the user. So, if  one has  a low frustration 

I agree with your statement.  I feel anything, cars, TVs, washers,  dryers 
 etc., that has all the extra bells and whistles just has something else to go
wrong.  BUT, I did go to the Animas IR1200 from the  H-tronPlus.  I was afraid 
of all the bells and whistles before changing  over.  Now, I cannot imagine 
not having them.  I love the CarbSmart  feature and the Combo feature.  Also , 
as RoseLea says, you can change  things on the fly!  No one has said anything 
about the Animas IR1200 here  since this thread started, that I can recall 
 that is. Animas helped me get my pump through Cigna. I love it's size, I love
it's shape.  I have  used the same battery since November 5th and it is still 
a full battery icon on  the screen, that's nearly 4 months so far.  I did get 
some info on the  Spirit pump from Disetronic or is it Roche now.  I did not 
like the looks  of it at all!  Also, they did not get approval for selling it 
in the US  when I needed them to.  I just got the new revised bill for my 
 Animas and it was paid 100%. Had I waited until this year I would have had to
 pay the 20% of the cost. I know, what is the difference of paying 20% now for
a pump or 20% for the doctor bills.  Well, the 20% for the doctor bills  was 
spread out over the year, not all at once.
So, for those of you still trying to decide on pumps, do not forget to  check 
out the Animas company.  I love my "Annie".  I am sure, though,  that 
 whichever pump one has, one thinks they are the best of the best! If we did not
 think that we wouldn't have gotten the ones we have, correct? Good luck to all
deciding which one to get and happy  pumping to all and to all a good day!
Debbie and "Annie" from Western KY
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