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Re: [IP] cortisone shots in the spine

 I had steroid injection in Nov 04 and Jan 05, completely painless. Did it as a
outpatient, they give you a IV and pop a little 'happy juice' into you and about
a hour later you wake up. Back feels fine not numb and the back pain is gone :)
It really messed up my glucose, had to double my basals and boluses for about 2
weeks. Depends on how painful your back is , it was well worth the 2 weeks of
high glucose.
 For real lasting pain relief, it sometimes takes 3 or more injections , I will
get another in thenext month os so.
 BTW, you will need to do a lot of testing so that when the steroids wear off in
a couple of weeks you won't have a 'good' hypo

Heidi Vogan <email @ redacted> wrote:
Next Wed., I will be getting several cortisone shots
in the spine(L4-L5,L1-L2) While I think I'm ready for
the blood sugars going beserk bit (I've never had a
cortisone shot-but at least I know what to expect) I
have a couple of non-specific questions maybe someone
can help me out on..Are Nsaids considered to have
anti-clotting properties? I'm supposed to stop taking
them, if so but I don't know if they are.(its not
aspirin,for crying out loud. I do know that if I stop
taking them, I won't survive to GET the cortisone
shots.) Second question- why would any bodily
infection matter, I thought they treated infections
with cortisone like products (supposed to be
infection-free prior to this) And if anyone has had
one of these- is it really painful or have any initial
numbness? They want me to have someone to drive me
home(which I consider overkill, but I'm just
dx 12/98
MM508 4/01
DCozmo 1/05

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