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[IP] Going live on Monday

Well, the die is cast, I go live with my minimed 715 on Monday morning.  I'm 
skipping the saline trial, as I've been carrying the thing with me using it as 
if it's hooked up for many of the days that I've had it.  As a type 2 whose 
insulin sensitivity isn't so high - I'm not in much danger of anything really 
bad happening if I give myself an extra unit of insulin or something.  I even 
figured out how to sort of reset the pump so I could keep practicing with it 
even though it gave me a reservoir empty message.  Instruction books have uses!

I didn't get any tape or sticky stuff to use with the quickset, do I need 
 anything? It being winter, I don't sweat as much as I do in summer, and I'll be
changing sets every two days, so perhaps what's on the quickset is enough?

I may try to get hold of some samples - any thoughts on which are best when I 
do sweat - either at the gym or shoveling the snow that seems to keep coming?

Sunday night, I"m to inject half my usual lantus dose in preparation.... and 
then I hope to leave lantus behind forever!!!!!!!  I'll be using humalog in 
the pump.

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