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[IP] gastroparesis ?'s

on 2/25/05 7:18 AM, insulin-pumpers-digest at
email @ redacted wrote:

> Of course once I got home, and had access to the internet I did 4 hours of
> research, and now have more questions about these two drugs than I have
> answers (especially the propulsid, since it was taken off the U.S. market by
> the FDA).  I'm really hoping that someone will respond with some of their
> experiences. 

Hi Becky,
Probably not much help to you, but my 8-year-old son was on 3X daily doses
of Cisapride (Propulsid) for his first two years. He was born at 30 weeks,
and the doctors prescribed Propulsid for his reflux problems. He took
pharmaceutical caffeine during the same time period. Later, when I heard
about the problems, I spoke with my child's doctor, who didn't seem
concerned. Not sure if I'd use it again, tho...

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