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[IP] RE: Quarterly Endo Visist- Kelly asks, "Where are you?"

Hi Kelly,
I'm in Western Kentucky (near Paducah).  Unfortunately, my endo is the only
endo within a 3 hour's drive.  Treatment here is, well, let's just say,
different from what I was accustomed to.

I moved here from California about 8 months ago and had WONDERFUL care.  I
went to the Diabetes Care Center in Salinas.  Dr. Allen King is the endo there
and Dana Armstrong (aka Super CDE) managed my pump therapy.  These folks are
incredible.  They stay on the cutting edge of ALL diabetes therapies and are
compassionate, supportive, and really, really smart.  Sure miss them. <big

Good luck with your endo.  I talked to Dana (how cool is that- I'm not a
patient anymore, but she is still willing to help!!).  She recommended that I
talk to the endo about the NP.  She said that If I can't get it straightened
out with him, to look for a knowledgeable PCP.  A good PCP would be better
than the bad advice I'm getting now.  Maybe the same advice will work for
Take Care,
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