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[IP] Re: Pros & Cons of new pumps on the market?

I just started pumping with a MM 715 three weeks ago. I chose it because of
the remote (which I thought would be wonderful but find myself not using, LOL,
because I prefer the Bolus Wizard), the AAA batteries (can find them anywhere
in an emergency and my battery from over 3 weeks ago is still working, btw),
and because I am moving to Germany in less than a year. That last factor had
to do with MM having been around for a long time, having an office in the town
next to where I'll be living, MM having an entire website all in German and
hearing that German insurance reimburses for MM supplies. Of course the most
common pump over there is the Disetronic, but MM comes in second. I was
concerned about coverage and availability of supplies for Animas or Cozmo.
Info on that was sketchy at best. (Of course, leaving the country will leave
me hosed when it comes to my MM warranty, anyway. Although MM exists in
Germany, my WARRANTY is valid within the US only, so I'd have to ship it to
the US. And to get a new pump ... oh, man, I don't wanna imagine the Customs
nightmare of a $6,000 medical device being shipping into Germany!)

As far as other features... I will never get into a bathing suit again in this
lifetime, so complete waterproof-ness (or the claim thereof) means nothing to
me. I just want one that will work if it falls into the toilet for a few
seconds accidentally ;-) I use about 65 units a day, so the .025 increments
are pointless for me. Overall, the MM just made the most sense.

I also wanted to mention something regarding the promise of future technology
that Doug mentioned. My pump educator told me that definitely within my 4 year
warranty (and so within the Paradigm Pathway upgrade period) they would be
bringing to market a continuous bg monitor linked with the pump which would be
close to an "artificial pancreas" (albeit subcutaneous, so not quite like the
real thing). She said it's there, they've got it and it will be available
within the next couple of years.

Personally, I'm still rooting more for a CURE, but a cooler pump would be nice
in the interim.


>My bet ( and the bet of the most recent JDRF Countdown) is that the
>that MM is touting loudly to anyone that will listen is still at least 36-72
months out
>if not longer.  But they use very aggressive estimates as a marketing ploy to
>to lure customers from other vendors.
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