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[IP] gastroparesis ?'s

Can anyone tell me what experiences they have with gastoparesis and
domperidone or propulsid?

I know that propulsid has been pulled from the market and is no longer
available in the U.S.  I also understand that domperidone has never been
sold in the U.S.

However, it seems that the people on this list are from diverse backgrounds
and geographic areas, and I was hoping to find someone who may have
experience with taking either of these drugs.

I've just been officially diagnosed with gastroparesis, but have had
symptoms off and on for the past two years.  Things just got a whole lot
worse recently, hence the need for medication (and here along I thought my
nausea was due to bugs crawling on the grocery store shelves, birds pooping
on the produce, and cockroaches swimming in my household water system).
BTW, I live in Mexico, and the dr. I saw here said either drug would work
fine for me since I have no cardiac problems (had to have an EKG).  He did
cover all the important stuff about these medications, interactions with
other drugs, possible side affects, etc.  But in the end I was left with a
plain piece of paper with 2 Spanish words on it....domperidona and
cisaprida.  I had no idea what they were.  Went to a couple of different
farmacias and ended up with cisaprida (propulsid).

Of course once I got home, and had access to the internet I did 4 hours of
research, and now have more questions about these two drugs than I have
answers (especially the propulsid, since it was taken off the U.S. market by
the FDA).  I'm really hoping that someone will respond with some of their
experiences.  I also have concerns that once we move back to the states I
may not have access to either of these drugs (hubby may get transferred
again soon for his job).

For those of you who have not experienced the "freedom of prescription
drugs" in Mexico, it is really a pleasant surprise.  You don't need
prescriptions from doctors to get most prescription drugs.  Since I'm not
prescription drug smart, I always go to the dr. first, to find out what I'm
supposed to get tho.

The first dr. I saw in Mexico kept all of his "doctor tools" in a red Sears
Craftsman toolbox (no kidding).  The dr. I saw recently works at a large
much more modern hospital, is certified in both the U.S. and Mexico, and
very smart.

Thanks in advance for any advice anyone has to offer.
Muchas Gracias
email @ redacted
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