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[IP] Re: Medtronic

 LOL, Bonnie. That reminds me of last fall when I was still on my old insurance
plan and couldn't afford a pump. Medtronic Minimed is one of OUR customers (i.e.
"our" = the company I work for provides a service to them). Well, my boss came
over to me and said a special deal for Medtronic had been worked out and that
Medtronic requests that come in must be processed within 24 hours. Basically,
Medtronic was to get special treatment. I told her to tell them I'd be sure to
do that.... IF they'll get me a pump. We could make a deal. Funny thing is that
she told that to her boss, as a joke, you know, and then then her boss told that
to Medtronic themselves, LOLOL. "If you get my rep an insulin pump, she'll make
sure you get extra special treatment!" ;-) They apparently didn't take me
seriously, but, uh, I was kind of wishing it wasn't a joke. And alas, no charity
from Medtronic ;-) My new insurance plan began Jan 1st, so insurance finally
would pay for it and so now I'm finally pu!
 mping anyway ;-)
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