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[IP] Re:Pros & Cons of new pumps on the market?

I have the  mm 512 and the AAA battery life is around  1 month most 
company's will give you the battery's for free.  At least the delivery 
service I have called CCS medical gives me a 3 month supply with ever order 
with know charge to my insurance. The resin they have the set infusion sets 
for the reservoirs is because thy screw into the pump, so there is know why 
to accidentally pull the reservoir out its impossible. All mm infusion sets 
will work with the new mm pumps although you can not use a 508 infusion set 
with the new mm pumps. As for the battery life your pump will not completely 
stop working it will give you a low battery alarm when the battery gets low 
and go of of vibration mode or beep mode but the pump will still work for 
some time. I don't know exactly how long it will work with a low battery, i 
do know mine lasted 4 hours when it happened to me it may have lasted even 
longer but i finished my day out and when i came home i changed the battery. 
I checked my BG before i changed the battery and it was normal. The meter i 
use is the freestyle i just put my BG reading in manually. So really you can 
use any meter you want its just the BD meter interacts with the pump, but 
you don't have to use the BD meter. It only takes around 5-10  seconds to 
put you reading in manually. 
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