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RE: [IP] Re: Pros & Cons of new pumps on the market?

See, It starts.  But since I started it :-)

Doug said, I think that MM has the most people marketing things that are
still in R&D.

Yes, they do, They also have the biggest marketing department, but what's
wrong with that?  At least you can make an intelligent decision on the
technology they are pursuing.

Doug said.  Since as far as I know there is no MM continuous glucose monitor
that the patient can actually see the result in real time - My bet ( and the
bet of the most recent JDRF Countdown) is that the technology that MM is
touting loudly to anyone that will listen is still at least 36-72 months out
if not longer.  

Perhaps, but I have seen the prototype so it's not exactly vaporware.  Yes,
the FDA will not allow the patient to see the reading in real time (same as
current CGMS) but at least you can set alarms (Low/High) and download the
data yourself.  Kind of like a permanent CGMS.  The pump that will follow
this one (probably 36 months out) plans to expose the readings.

Doug said. They have to get approval for any CGMS to actually show the
readings to the patient real time.  CGMS has been out for a LONG time - Why
is it that its ONLY available thru your Dr?

All of these devices are Rx.  The Gold was a Dr. office model.  The Guardian
is a home unit. And the next pump will use the same technology and sensor.
The advancement is the reduction in size.  It will all fit in the pump
casing.  I do agree that Interstitial fluid testing is not perfect but this
set design will be a lot more accurate than devices like the GlucoWatch that
pull it through the skin, and no less intrusive than current day infusion

Speaking of MM hype :-)  have you seen their new "Pump Event" feature.  It
will find the nearest Pump Club Meeting in your area, just type in a Zip
Code.  Pretty Useful.  


Type II Pumping 12/03 MM512
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