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[IP] Re: Pros & Cons of new pumps on the market?

Hi Harry, my 2 cents.

You asked if there is any reason for you to switch.  I say yes, While the
older pumps are certainly adequate for the job, the newer features will
significantly contribute to your quality of life.

As has probably been pointed out before.  This site has a pretty good Pump
Comparison web page check it out:


Most of us that have been on this site for awhile, shy away from these types
of questions as it tends to start "Pump Wars"  Kind of like talking about
MAC's and PC's on the same site, only worse :-)  But the list has been quite
for awhile, so here goes.

The bottom line is that all pumps have most of their features in common and
a few pumps offer features that are valuable to a subset of Pumpers.  If you
will look through the archives you will see a lot of this talk.  Having said
that, there are four pumps you might want to consider.  All of these pumps
are continuously leap froging each other as they bring out newer models.

The Animas IR1200 (IR1250 shipping soon, will be the current leap frog
The MM 715
The Deltec Cozmo
The Disetronic Spirit (Coming Soon, waiting on FDA Approval)

The Cozmo is highly configurable, named Boluses (i.e. Pizza Bolus) Kids seem
to like it a lot the BG meter partnership is with Therasense which talks to
the Pump

The Animas is smaller (200 unit Reservoir) and has small dosage 0.025 U/hr
also good for kids and people with real small basal requirements.  The BG
meter partnership is with LifeScan.  The Pump is not linked to the meter
yet.  This pump has a PDA accessory "ezManager Plus".

The MM 715 has fastest R&D track (my opinion).  Their next pump is awaiting
FDA approval now and will be coming in less than a year.  It will have an
integrated continuous BG monitor built in (Two Sites.  The BG meter
partnership is with BD which is linked to the Pump.  The Pump also links to
both stand alone software and Web Page reporting Systems.

The Disetronic Spirit I have not seen yet, but I hear it will be an updated
H+ with a bolus wizard.  Disetronic is partnered with ACCU-CHEK (Roche).

Some of the issues:

The Batteries.  IMHO... Biggest non-issue there is.  It still fascinates me
why some people are concerned about changing out a $0.39 cent battery every
4-6 weeks, when we change out $10 dollar sets every three days.  I have a
MM512, I change the battery about every 3 - 5 weeks (it varies) and it takes
me all of 30 seconds to do it.

Barbara said I don't see any need for all the bolus calculators and such.  I
disagree.  Yes, I also can do complex math in my head, but I prefer to use a
computer and a spreadsheet.  Try figuring out the variables when you start
using varying basals, Duel wave boluses, percentage temp basals over
transition points, variable insulin activity curves, different Sensitivity
and correction factors per time of day on different transition points from
basal transition, etc.  Again, just entering a BG and the Carb Grams and
letting the pump recommend a bolus is pretty neat, especially if you are in
a hurry and doing a couple of other things at the same time.  All newer
pumps have this feature.  This goes to quality of life.

The ability to program when alarms go off.  The ability to program dual wave
(Regular and Square wave) boluses, solves the "Pizza" problem for a lot of
us.  All goes to quality of life.

The Water Proof issue (this usually gets hot).  All Pumps are water proof.
Meaning when they come off the assembly line they meet certain standards.

MM and Disetronic meet IPX7, although I haven't seen the specs on the Spirit
Animas, and Deltec meet IPX8

All pumps will leak if the case is cracked.  There are reports of this for
ALL pump brands in the FDA MAUDE database, and on this site.  Both MM and
Disetronic have elected to proactively warn their user base of this hazard
and have issued letters that essentially say don't use the pump in water.
There is much discussion on the topic and whether MM/Disetronic are truly
concerned with our safety or some liability lawyer made them do it.  Animas
and Deltec have not done this and continue to replace pumps that have been
damaged by water intrusion.

The good news!  The longer you wait... The better the pumps will get.  Good
luck in your search.

Type II Pumping 12/03 MM512
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