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Re: [IP] The Little Company Who Could - Letter to Editor of Business Week

 February 28, 2005 is next monday, so how did this date come about in the
business week??? Mabye it is February 18th?
 Those business people do not know the difference between a finger and a toe,
collar bone and a hip joint, humerous and femur bone, much less what diabetes is
and what types there are out there. The medical media,,, if there is such a
thing,,,, needs to come out and give a good 2 hour speech and lecture about
diabetes before they give it to the masses. I dont know how someone can be so
dumbfounded and illerate about such a common illness in this world. You always
meet someone who either has a diabetic relative or diabetic friend. I guess in
the case of this Gene C. Marcial Character, its none of the above. He even post
dated his article. That won't help. I am glad you wrote your response. I
woundn't mind sending this response of mine too along with yours and anyone else
who wants to chip in 2 of there hard earned cents.

LINDA MEYER <email @ redacted> wrote:

Here is my letter to the editor:

This is in response to an article, "J&J May Pump Up Animas" by GeneC.
Marcial on February 28, 2005. As an individual that has Type 1 diabetes
and uses an insulin pump, it is very upsetting to me when a reporter
does not do their homework and reports incorrect information to the
public. In the article the insulin pump was referred to as a "glucose
pump." It also states that the "glucose pump" is used to "monitor sugar
in the blood." This is grossly incorrect. It is an "Insulin Pump",
which is used to mimic the release of insulin to lower blood glucose
levels (not "sugar" levels)in our bodies. In my case, 80% of my
pancreas was removed and therefore I do not have the ability to produce
insulin (which a normal functioning pancreas is responsible for doing in
individuals that do not have Type 1 diabetes). The pump does not
monitor "sugar in the blood." We still have to use meters to test our
blood glucose levels. As far as I know, the pump has also not come far
enough to be able to automatically determine how many carbs a person has
eaten and automatically adjust the rate of insulin being delivered. I
must determine how many carbohydrates I will be eating - input that
information into the pump's system and based on that information and
what my most recent blood glucose meter reading, it can calculate how
much insulin to deliver when I eat (or to correct highs). There is so
much inaccurate information about Type 1 Diabetes that it really upsets
me and other individuals that suffer from this condition when a
profession that helps keep the public informed - such as News Agencies &
Publications - does not get their facts straight. I hope in the future
that someone ensures the accuracy of what you are reporting.
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Work is for people who don't know how to fish,,, from a bumper sticker.
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