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[IP] Re: Pros & Cons of new pumps on the market?

Hi Harry

You ask if there is any reason for you to switch.  I think probably not.  If
you like your pumps and they are working great, why bother?

Claire is up to her four years with her H-trons, and she has no interest at
all in getting a new pump.  In fact, she was shocked when I mentioned the
possibility!  However, our insurance is changing on July 1, and I would like
to get a new pump from the old insurance, in case there is more hassle with
the new insurance company.

We will be looking at the Animas soon, but the 200 unit cartridge might be an
issue.  I am hoping that the Spirit will be selling in Canada before my time
deadline.  The Disetronic people tell me yes, but with waiting for gov't
actions, who knows for sure.

Like you, I like the special batteries that last a long time.  Our longest
h-tron battery life was five months!  Usually about 3-4 months.  I don't like
the idea of relying on batteries that my kids can pick up and put in their
toys or flashlights or whatever.  Plus how do you get insurance to pay for
these?  AA and especially AAA batteries are more costly in Canada than the
USA, but this seems to be the way the pump companies are going.

I don't see any need for all the bolus calculators and such.  Claire could do
all that in her head easily at 8 years of age!  Its also easy to calculate
remaining insulin on board and such by simply looking at your watch.  I'm a
person who doesn't like gimmicky things.  But all the new pumps come with
these features.

Good luck with your search and/or decision.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 10
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