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[IP] Weight Watchers and the pump

 Hi everyone! Anyone doing Weight Watchers while on the pump? If so, how is
going? I started less than a week ago and sugars are cosistently in the 80's and
90's premeal and I even downed my basal rate by .1 for the entire day and will
have to do more in the future. I have had 2 lows ......57 and 58 after my meal
last night and my lunch meal today and I bolused correctly and everything.
Anybody have any ideas on why this happened? I am being sent to an
endoronologist for the first time (sinced I was diagnosed 10 years ago with Type
1) to help me....especially while I lose weight. And for this I am glad because
I will have to exercise a lot, too. I ate my snack (a weight watchers bar) and
didn't bolus any and did my workout tape and sugars were perfect after. Although
yesterday......I couldn't excercise when I wanted to because my sugars were
already 80 and I didn't want to use up any of my Flex points to eat to exercise.
Make sense for those of you who are doing it!
 ?  I have
  weighed myself and the weight is down from my weigh in last week. Yeah!!!!!!
Also.......what can I expect when I see an endocronologist? Thanks to all who
answer back! :) Have a wonderful day! :):):) Stephanie

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