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[IP] Pros & Cons of new pumps on the market?

Hello again,
 With the new Accu-Chek Spirit soon to be approved by the FDA Ibve been
thinking about upgrading to a new pump over these last few months. However, Ibm
having difficulty rationalizing what the benefits would be to wearing a new pump
(theirs or someone elsebs)as opposed to my Disetronic D-tronPlus - and I still
occasionally wear my H-TronPlus as well, call me weird.
 Before upgrading to the D-TronPlus awhile back, I did try the Animas IR1000.
Although I applaud their initial effort, the Animas pump underwhelmed me. The
menu was too fussy and required too many confirmations. Great for the parents of
children probably, but just not for me. The siren alarm was excessively loud and
even scared a cowoker of mine, the day I wore it on a trial run, and it went off
when I bumped the pump on my desk. Too sensitive for me. I donbt want anything
bdelicateb. The battery compartment also seemed clumsy from an ergonomic
 I need a 300 unit reservoir pump. Which I think leaves only the Cozmo and the
Minimed 715.
 The Cozmo is marketed more towards kids, which is fine, but blooksb a little
gimmicky in the pictures Ibve seen. Also seems to be a bit larger than my
D-TronPlus. What reasons are there to really consider this?
 The Minimed 715 bothers me that it uses proprietary infusion sets, and a AAA
battery? What were they thinking? Doesnbt this thing need new AAAbs every
other week? I like long life batteries that wont leave me stranded; especially
proprietary ones that insurance will pay for. Ibve heard a lot of problems with
the BD meter and the strips. Still a problem? Does anyone use any other meter? I
really donbt want to switch from my Lifescan One Touch Ultra. For me, itbs the
perfect meter. What features make this a great pump? Features that I would use
every day, and improve my current treatment.
Accu-Chek Spirit.  What does this pump have over the competition?
 Is there any reason for me to switch? I have 4 pumps, all work great, and
supplies are easy to source from Disetronic.
I would especially appreciate comments from former Disetronic pump users.
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