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[IP] Quarterly Endo Visit- Need Reassurance

Carol, I just wanted to let you know that I thought your A1C was great!  You
go girl!  I also wanted to share with both you and Maureen a "crazy dr."
story of my own.  Now keep in mind that I am not advocating slamming the
medical profession, but this story is just too bizarre (and somewhat funny)
not to share.

It all started with a snowstorm.....
About 18" of snow in the northwoods of Wisconsin.  No snowblower, so I gotta
shovel it all by hand.  I'm in good physical shape, and I had no problem
clearing out all that frozen white stuff, but I was a little sore the next
day.  Well the weeks passed and soreness just got worse.  I was having a lot
of pain in my upper chest area (a/k/a breasts).  Instead of traveling to the
large medical center 1 hour away where I see my Endo, I decided to go to the
local clinic.  After all, I probably just pulled a muscle or something
right?  Although I must say the pain was really bothering me, and I could no
longer sleep on either side of my body.  Just moving my arms made my chest
hurt.  The regular dr. at this small rural clinic was out on emergency, so a
retired dr. was called in to handle the patient visits for the day.  The dr.
examined me for a bit, but didn't say anything.  Then he grabs my chart and
starts reading....he says...."So you're a diabetic huh?"  I replied yes that
I was.  And his next question puzzled me, but I answered it.  "What type of
birth control are you on?"  I told him none, because my husband and I had
tried for 9 years with fertility specialist to conceive, but eventually gave
up and moved on.  THEN....his next statement nearly made my eyeballs pop out
of my head (actually he shouted this at me)..."Don't you know that you need
to be on birth control because you're a diabetic?  Diabetics shouldn't be
having babies!!!  What good is a dead mamma to a new baby?"  I'm not making
this up, and those where he his exact words.  This is where I should have
shouted some expletives at him, but I was totally stunned into silence.  In
fact I was sobbing.  I let him have his rant, and then the dr. exited the
examining room mumbling something about pulled muscles along my rib cage.  I
left the clinic clearly upset, but one of the nurses must have seen the wild
eyed look on my face and pulled me aside.  I told her what happened and she
had me fill out a complaint.  I don't think it did any good, but holy cow
batman....what a horrible experience it is to have a medical professional
lash out at you like that.  After all, we are told and taught to listen to
health care professionals because they are the experts.  This experience
left me bamboozled.  It also taught me a good lesson I probably needed to
learn.  Stand up for yourself no matter how many capital letters a person
has after their name.  OK....now that you've waded through this whole long
story....here's the clincher......I suffered through several more weeks of
"pulled muscle pain in my ribs," before I went back to the clinic again, and
this time I requested NOT to be seen by Dr. Crazy.  The "normal" dr. that I
saw solved my pain issue in less than 20 minutes and a simple urine
test....I was pregnant.  16 weeks pregnant!  (Yep, my eyes popped out my
head again).  My chest area was tender from the PREGNANCY, and not from
pulled rib muscles.  Now how crazy is that????  For those of you wondering I
could not know that I was 16 weeks along in a pregnancy, my cycles are a bit
irregular.  Anyway just had to share that with you all and make YOUR eyes
pop out of your head like mine did.  And yes, I can actually laugh about
this story now.

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