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RE: [IP] Reservoir fill???

> I have 9 units of insulin left when my reservoir says --.-- left.  
> I like to let mine reservoir empty completely before 
> changing, so I could never prefill the tubing before 
> attaching the new reservoir. 

Hi Devorah, I have never actually scientifically measured it, but past
discussions on the amount of insulin left when the MM counts down to --.--
seem to vary slightly.  Probably due to slight variations in reservoirs and
pump plungers.  The bottom line is that when first primed, the pump will
show a number 6-9 units lower than the max reservoir size and these missing
units are actually in the reservoir and can be used after the readings
counts down to zero.  Kind of like a hidden reserve.  

On the second subject.  First a disclaimer, this is NOT the way the book
(And your CDE) taught us how to do it.  It is difficult to explain this in
pure text.  Maybe we can set up an MPEG area on the site to post movies.
But to maximize the reservoir, I always prefill my tubing.  This is NEW
tubing.  I am not sure I understand your comment.  If you do not prefill
your tubing (and instead do it the way the Book Says) you will always end up
with 7-13 less units of insulin that have to be used during the priming
process.  I simply do this step manually then top off the reservoir before
inserting the reservoir into the pump.  Either method will let you
completely empty the reservoir.  Just 13 units quicker if you do not

Doug wrote:
> Maybe I'm missing something but if you 
> prefill the tubing then fill the reservoir 
> - wont that cause an air bubble at the leur 
> connector ?

In a word no.  The newer MM's don't use a leur connector so maybe that would
add a twist to the discussion, but any bubbles are simply expelled back into
the insulin vial.  Step one, fill the reservoir (expelling bubbles as
normal), Step 2 hook up to tubing (manually) and fill the tube.  Step three,
unhook from the tubing, reconnect to the insulin vial, top off the reservoir
(expelling bubbles as normal) Step four, connect tubing, insert in pump and
prime.  With prefilled tubing, you only have to prime the pump to 0 (zero)
units.  (with empty tubing you would have to prime 7-13 units, depending on

Hope that's a little clearer.

Type II Pumping 12/03 MM512
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