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[IP] Glyconutirents

I have been reading the comments and remarks concerning 'glyconutrients' as a
possible cure for diabetes  While I don't doubt that
Ms. Barnes may have stopped requiring insulin, we must be careful assigning a
cause and effect result to the taking of food supplements to her not needing
insulin.  Just as I can statistically prove that all people who have eaten
cucumbers and were born in the 1850's have suffered 100% mortality rates, I
can't claim that cucumbers cause death.  Just because someone has taken
glyconutrients and suddenly stopped requiring insulin doesn't mean a cure has
been found.  Michael stated that 5 to 10 percent of type 1 diabetics are type
1b, ideopathic diabetics.  About 10 percent of all diabetics are type 1.  That
roughly means that .05 to .1 percent of all possible diabetics may have their
bg spontaneously return to normal.  I believe it would be a waste of time
examining every facet of their lives trying to find the one factor tnat
"caused" this to occur and try to apply it to the myself.  That is what
science expermentation and blind trials are for.  If the results can be
scientifically reproduced and proven without a doubt, then a cure can be
claimed.  I have been insulin dependant for about 45 years.  The time managing
my disease already consumes a large part of my life.  I have neither the time,
energy, nor money  to investigate every claim of causual cures that comes
along in the hopes that one of them will be the one that finally completely
cures me.  Tremendous strides have taken place over the last 45 years to
improve quality of life for diabetics (especially bg monitors, and insulin
pumps).  This has been due to reproducable scientific study and clinical
results.  That is what I will base my future hopes on.

Michael R Zeigler
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