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Re: [IP] Re: Canadian Disalbilty Tax Credit

Hi all,

I just happened to notice the subject line.  This is something I have given
a presentation on at one of our pumper's meetings.  Thirty five people
showed up for discussion on this and advanced Blood glucose logging. Both
are hot topics!

This is an excerpt from the Feb/05 NS Pumpers newsletter - you can read the
whole newsletter if you follow the newsletter link on the home page of our
nova scotia website.

It is hard to put a one hour presentation into a paragraph so this comes
with a HUGE disclaimer.  I am not a tax professional nor a laywer and the
information below is provided for your information only; it does not serve
to explain all the 'ins and outs' of the Disability tax credit and is based
on our own experience.  Check out www.diabetesadvocacy.com which is based in
Newfoundland.  There are lots of links to much information there.


Disability Tax Credit Life sustaining Therapy  This was discussed at the
January 30, 2005 meeting.  Some key points that were discussed:  1) The
Disability Tax Credit is a non refundable tax credit used to reduce income
tax payable on your return.  2)  Life Sustaining Therapy is a section of the
DTC and is defined (in part) as therapy you need to support a vital
function.  You must also need to dedicate time specifically for this therapy
 at least three times per week, for an average of at least 14 hours per
week.  3) You must fill out a Form T2201 for the Disability Tax Credit, Life
sustaining therapy. 4)  The Disability Fairness Report www.disabilitytax.ca
(chapter two paragraph f) states  At the present time, individuals using
a continuous infusion pump qualify for the Disability Tax Credit if this
mode of insulin administration is a medical necessity.   5)  That does not
mean you automatically qualify for the tax credit; it has to be clear that
you meet the criteria for Life sustaining Therapy and the qualified person
who signs the form has to indicate this. 6)  Every person and their
situation is unique; when in doubt find out!

Your pal in pumping,
Barb Chafe
Insulin Pumpers Canada
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