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Re: [IP] Re: Insurance and Your Second Pump

On Sat, 5 Feb 2005 09:20:35 EST, you wrote:

>>I think that if you get a new model - not just a replacement of an existing 
 >>model - say move from the 712 to the 715, the warranty begins anew, but I may
>>be wrong in that.  I'll have to look into it.

 If you upgrade from a previous model, such as the 712, to the new 715, using
Paradigm pathway program, paying that 199 fee,  then what you are promised is a
reconditioned pump in the new model, and your warranty remains that issued with
your original purchase.  The upgrade does not then extend the warranty, only
transfers it to the newer pump.  The question I wonder about is whether, given
that the 715 model is quite new, they're actually giving you a reconditioned
one, or whether there may not yet be enough reconditioned ones for all the
upgrades so that people are actually getting new pumps.  I suspect there's no
 real way to tell, and from what the minimed folks told me about how thorough
reconditioning process is, chances are, there's not much functional difference

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