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Re: [IP] Salty Taste in Mouth

Let me point out that I'm an RN, not a doctor.  I can think of a few things
that could be causing the salty taste, but I'm certain that there are many
more.  The chemical composition of saliva can change if he is becoming
dehydrated.  However, you say he is drinking a lot of water, so that
certainly doesn't appear to be the problem.  That could happen if he was
drinking only caffeinated beverages. Some medications can cause the taste.
Sjogren's disease can also cause the salty taste, as can some bacterial
infections.  Even postnasal drainage such as that from allergic rhinitis can
have an odor and a taste that sometimes can be described as salty.  However,
since you have now had the MD appointment, I presume your son has been
accurately diagnosed by now, and you can let us know how it turned out.

Chuck H.      email @ redacted

> > Does anyone know what would cause a salty taste in your mouth?  My son,
> > not a diabetic, has had a salty taste for five days now.  He has been
> > hugh amounts of water, but it doesn't help.  He has none of the other
> > diabetes symptoms, but I wondered what this could be.  He has a doctor's
> > appointment tomorrow, but it really has me worried.
> > Thanks for any thoughts you might have.
> >
> > Jo
> > IDDM 41 years, Paradigm 512
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