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RE: [IP] Freestyle problem

I used to use the Accucheck and liked it OK, but I like the size and speed
of the Freestyle Flash.  I have never been very meticulous about the
cleanliness of my fingers and I have not had any problems with it.
I used a visual read strips for years (probably 15 years) and using a meter
was such an improvement.
Devorah dx T1 '82 pumping since 7/04

I've had that problem with the paradigm link meter from BD.  A consistant
rate of a bit less than 5 percent of the readings would be WAY off, similar
what you describe.

 i've been using the freestyles, but the flash and the Tracker, for several
now.  Never encountered other than very rare errors with it.  The flash
sometimes fools me with it's small display, if I think the strip is all the
in when it is not, and I then end up adding blood but it never beeps, and
then do i realize the strip wasn't in all the way, wasting a strip.  And a
couple times I've mistakenly put in an already used strip.  If it's well
it may not always generate an immediate error, but does so when you then add
more blood.  

As to errors you've seen, do make sure you add enough blood to the strip.
 one occasional problem I have is that blood feeds into some strips slowly,
 can be tricky.to hold a finger there for extended seconds. A few times this
resulted in errors, and I'd assume sometimes one might get a weird reading,
though i'm no aware of having had them myself.  I'd also wonder if you're
 sure your hands are clean and dry before testing. that can throw off any


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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe/change list versions,
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