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RE: [IP] Sorry for being a p.i.t.a.


You'll be doing that forever.  The best insulin pump in the world is the one
on your belt (or wherever you wear it).  All the features and do-dads that
are on the pumps are nice, but if it is in the box, then even a real working
pancreas is worthless.

This is a lesson that I have to re-teach myself always.  I am a gadget geek,
and whenever there is something newer, I want it, I have to have it, and
then, when I get it, I love to spend hours learning how to use it.  Minimed,
Deltec, Animas, Disetronic, and all of the pump manufacturers are already
working on the next version of their pumps, and they will announce them as
soon as I replace my trusty 507C (Pretty much a syringe with a motor
attached to it; no bolus wizards, Insulin on board, wireless remotes, etc.)

So, the bottom line, IMHO, is, if the pump that you are looking at (in the
box) does everything that you want, but doesn't have the
gizmo-turbo-internet bolus from your computer feature, get going with it,
and think of the things to look forward to in 4 years when the warranty

Hope this helps,


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I had ordered and received my first insulin pump then I found out they had
an updated version and I insisted on that.  So now I'm waiting for my newer
pump.  Now the Insulet is going to be on the market.  Yes, I'm on their
mailing list (I sent it in today).  Should I just return the one I have (if
I can) and wait for something better?  It hasn't even been out of the box!

D44yrs I can wait a little longer for the best!  Tell me what would you do?
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