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Re: [IP] Insurance and Your Second Pump

In a message dated 2/3/05 11:43:13 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:
>I thought that myself when the IR1200 first came out.  When I got my
>IR1000, I was using over 100 units of insulin a day, but as my control
>has gotten better, my usage has dropped to around 40-50 units a day.

I've read and heard that the average person uses about 25% less insulin on 
the pump.  That would still keep me over 100 units a day, but I have had an 
 interesting trend since the end of July. I started using insulin in June, and
the end of July thought I had titrated the basal properly at 36 units.  My 
numbers were coming into the right places, except for my dawn effect.  I'm not 
using 88 units of lantus, and still have a profound dawn effect.  I've always 
 wondered if the lantus is somehow not effective in me or something. My numbers
are actually worse than they were in July with three times as much basal and 
meal insulin.  I'm very curious to see what happens when I start the pump and 
drop lantus.

>Along with some weight.
I gained 50 lbs after diagnosis.  The only explanation anyone can come up 
with is that I went undiagnosed for a long time (had lost 10 lbs in the year 
 prior to diagnosis) but had also started a med that encourages weight gain, so
weight loss of high BG and the med cancelled each other out, and once my BG 
came down, the weight came on.  Luckily I've stopped gaining.

I'm almost excited... can't wait to get the thing and start playing with it.  
My CDE told me I'd do the saline thing first to go through a set change, then 
start insulin a week later (my schedule and hers) so am hoping for the saline 
the week of the 21st and insulin the week of the 28th.

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