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Re: [IP] Sorry for being a p.i.t.a.

At 9:11 AM -0500 2/4/05, Ricca, Marie wrote:
>I had ordered and received my first insulin pump then I found out they had
>an updated version and I insisted on that.  So now I'm waiting for my newer
>pump.  Now the Insulet is going to be on the market.  Yes, I'm on their
>mailing list (I sent it in today).  Should I just return the one I have (if
>I can) and wait for something better?  It hasn't even been out of the box!
>D44yrs I can wait a little longer for the best!  Tell me what would you do?
>p.i.t.a. and still waiting
>Marie Ricca

I'd start pumping ASAP.   The Best is yet to come, and it always will 
be.   You'll hear announcements/speculations about the latest and 
greatest all the time, but if you never start pumping what will you 
have gained?   Nothing but lost time, time that would have been 
better if you had been on the pump.

As far as the Insulet coming on the market, it remains to be seen. 
And we haven't even seen a picture of one yet, so how can anyone say 
that it will "be on the market soon"?   DON'T wait on anyone's 
promises for the future, get what is available today!!!

George         :>)
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