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[IP] GIycemic Index and me

I have found that eating more of the lower GI foods
does help me.  Not so much in the 2 hour pp bgs, but
in the number of overall "unexplained" lows and highs.
 I even wondered if this was if I was eating less
carbs when I was eating lower GI foods, but I
purposely ate about the same number of grams of carbs
each day, a week with just lower to mid GI foods, then
a week of anything (and if anything I was trying to
prove to myself that GI did NOT make a difference, so
I was relatively meticulous counting carbs and
recording).  I really had less "unexplained" lows and
highs between meals when I avoid the higher GI foods. 
I don't get why this happens for me, but for the most
part now I try to avoid the high GI foods (although
the occasional mashed potatoes or watermelon or
carrots I do eat).  As always YMMV.

Maureen dx 10/94 pump 4/99 dx celiac 11/02

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