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Re: [IP] Insulet

At 6:51 AM -0600 2/3/05, rscdaytona wrote:
>Call me stupid,if you choose to but wouldn't it be so much easer for a chemist
>to come up with a type of insulin that was quicker acting with less duration?
>I believe that would solve the problem there having with an artificial
>pancreas or something similar?  It can be dune ,although I don't know the
>formula for humalog or Novilog. Something seams to be missing or not added to
>the formula. Like I said I am not a chemist but it seams so simply to me .
>Instead of working on a artificial pancreas, If they found a new type of
>insulin the artificial pancreas would just fall in to line with that . Maybe a
>insulin that started working or should I say peaking within 5 to 10 minutes
>and only lasted 15 to 20 minutes. I know it can be dune although I don't know
>the formula for normal insulin that the Body secrets? It has to be able to be
>dune though. I do know what ever company can figure that formula out will
>become millionaires in the diabetic industry. It gust doesn't seam that
>difficult to me though. You know Humalog has a 4 hour or so duration witch
>would be much to long for a artificial pancreas or something similar. I
>believe they need to focus on a new insulin rather than a new pump or
>artificial pancreas.

It is not the action of the insulin that creates the problems, it is 
the method of delivery of that insulin.  Going subQ just adds to the 
factors that delay absorption and action of the insulins.   Those who 
have their insulin delivered via intra-peritoneal shunt have 
immediate action of the insulin.  I haven't read of how the duration 
resulted, but I would suspect that it would be fairly close to 
typical for a non-diabetic.   Change the method of delivery and you 
eliminate many factors that contribute to the delay and extension of 
insulin's action.

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