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[IP] Re: Do You Take Glycemic Index Into Account

Peter, it is likely that absorption may vary with the type of  carb, 
but you will still need about the same amount of insulin.  What I can 
tell you is the sucrose which has a GI of 0.6 compared to 1.0 of 
glucose raises my blood sugar at exactly the same rate.
    Might it be easier to match a more complex carb with the 3-4 h 
absorption of insulin bolus?  I guess so, but i suspect most carbs, 
regardless of the GI value are digested in 4 hours anyway.  I think 
if there is a question about a specific food, the simplest way to get 
a correct answer is just to eat a known amount once without a bolus, 
and measure BG every half hour.  It's so simple, but so few of us do 
that.  You only need to do it once to be smart-- then you can correct 
with a bolus, and know what to do every time after that.


<<<<<<<<<    Wayne, you don't mention time in your evaluation of the 
GI. I am not
commenting on the index number itself but just the use of the GI index. It
is supposed to give you an idea of how quickly those carbs will affect the
BG. Yes, the" BG goes to the same level , depending only on the carb
content, so the insulin requirements are independent of GI." But wouldn't a
low Gi food be better dealt with by using a delayed or a square wave bolus?
A slow BG build up deserves a slow insulin delivery. I hope that I haven't
misunderstood you.
     I think that measurements in T2 people are a bit more complicated
because you need to know how much of the phase 1 & 2 response is left.
Because of that I  think that GI measurements taken on pure T1 people would
be more relevant, even better than non DM folks.    Peter 1>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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