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[IP] Insulet

Call me stupid,if you choose to but wouldn't it be so much easer for a chemist
to come up with a type of insulin that was quicker acting with less duration?
I believe that would solve the problem there having with an artificial
pancreas or something similar?  It can be dune ,although I don't know the
formula for humalog or Novilog. Something seams to be missing or not added to
the formula. Like I said I am not a chemist but it seams so simply to me .
Instead of working on a artificial pancreas, If they found a new type of
insulin the artificial pancreas would just fall in to line with that . Maybe a
insulin that started working or should I say peaking within 5 to 10 minutes
and only lasted 15 to 20 minutes. I know it can be dune although I don't know
the formula for normal insulin that the Body secrets? It has to be able to be
dune though. I do know what ever company can figure that formula out will
become millionaires in the diabetic industry. It gust doesn't seam that
difficult to me though. You know Humalog has a 4 hour or so duration witch
would be much to long for a artificial pancreas or something similar. I
believe they need to focus on a new insulin rather than a new pump or
artificial pancreas. Now for the older or newer pumps they pretty much have it
down . But for what there trying to do now a new type of insulin  needs to be
formulated.. If only I new how , witch of cores I don't or I would be a
millionaire. Heeee Heeee!!!  Although we all know its possibly, if only I new
how, LOL!!!
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