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[IP] Disetronic in general

Hi Faith and DTronPumper1,
I am on a h-tron+ myself since 4 years and my warrantee will finish in june
05. When I began pumping in june 01, I choose a d-tron. But, only using her
for a few months, there occurred lots of problems on her: the delivering of
the insulin does not work correctly, the pump told me via alarm that there was
an infusion set occlusion (and that every few hours) etc etc. I called
disetronic then and told them I can't stand that anymore. I changed to a
h-tron+ after about 4 months with a d-tron. The company has changed the
warrantee of the h-tron+ then, so that I have a warrantee of 4 years in the
end now. The conclusion is that I have to choose a new pump now in 2005.

@Faith, I don't know exactly why disetronic did that with the warrantee of
your pumps like you described it. Perhaps because they want to keep you as a
customer? Especially because disetronic pumps are not allowed to be sold
anymore in the US before the Accucheck Spirit Pump is out? Perhaps you have
the possibility to get the Accucheck Spirit Pump later this year?

@D-tronPumper1: I am not using a Cozmo yet and didn't decide for a new pump
yet, but I startet to get appointments with reps of several pump companies
(MedTrust, which here in Europe sells the Animas IR1200 pump for the
AnimasCorporation and SmithsMedical for the Deltec Cozmo and Roche Diagnostics
for the Accucheck Spirit Pump) to get the pumps in my hands and play with
them. After meeting with the reps and meeting with my endo, I will decide for
a new pump early in march, I think. But I think that the Deltec Cozmo pump is
a good pump as well. If you decide for a Deltec Cozmo and if you would like
to, it would be wonderful if you could email me your experiences with the pump
and the company! I am very interested in your experiences.

The Accucheck Spirit Pump is out on the market now here in Germany since
february, 1st. The only problem is that most of the reps who show the pumps to
the people working in the doctors' offices and patients don't know about the
pump either yet. So we have to wait until all the reps are trained so that
they can show the pumps to us patients.

Hope this helps,

Britta Goercke


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