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Re: [IP] Glucose Guidelines

On Wed, 02 Feb 2005 13:14:01 -0500, you wrote:

>>My hubby tests from time to time (well, I test him) because his mom is a 
>>late onset type 1.  Last night, after drinking a sugary drink from the 
>>Macaroni Grill, his blood sugar was 146.  This was about 20 minutes or so 
>>after he finished the drink.  He had also had bread, a salad, some spinach 
>>and a pork chop.  Should we worry about this?

if he's a strict vegetarian, he might worry about the pork chop.  The salad and
 spinich sound good. Bread, well, depends how much he ate, and of course whether
it was good bread.    Can't have been that much, with only a 146.  But perhaps
you didn't wait long enough to test.  I'd expect it to be higher in an hour or

 Should you worry about a 146? Sheesh. many non diabetics will get that high or
higher after a full meal.  No.  Don't worry.  In fact, my first thought is to
bet that, before that sweetened drink, perhaps he was getting a tad low, and
needed the sugar...

To put that number in perspective,  I have in my kitchen some Hanson's fruit
smoothies.  Typical sized soda pop can, but filled with a yummy fruit juice
blend.  Fewer carbs than some straight fruit juice/nectars, and fewer than many
other sweetened drinks, though still a substantial amount of carbohydrate,
mostly in the form of several types of sugar (glucose, fructose, sucrose, etc)
 The can has about 35 grams of carbohydrates. If I start with a 100 blood sugar,
 just that one can, without any bread, spinach, porchops, or salad, will leave
with a blood sugar an hour later, of around 250, unless I take a proper bolus
for the drink.  And given the fairly rapid absorbtion of that drink if I don't
 eat anything else to slow it down (like pork chops), even with the proper
I'd go a good deal higher than 145 before it came back down again.

Hope that helps.

Peter Rowe
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