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Re: [IP] Animas IR1250

>At 08:44 PM 2/2/2005, kimberly lyons wrote:
>>  Since it is an upgrade she said insurance will not pay for it. The person I
>>spoke to first said about verifying insurance, but my rep is the 
>>one who did all
>>my insurance paper work and said that insurance would not pay for 
>>it. I just got
>>my pump in Aug of last year so I don't know if that makes a 
>>difference compared
>>to if your pump is a few years old.
>Yes, and the insurance person at Animas said that my insurance would 
>not pay for my batteries.  When I told Animas to bill them anyhow, 
>guess what?  My insurance paid for the batteries.  I hate when 
>people decide what my insurance will or will not pay for.  Let my 
>insurance decide.

The heck with the Insurance Company deciding what they'll pay.   Let 
the Policy decide!

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