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RE: [IP] Retinopathy and Pan Retinal Laser Question

I'm sorry you went through this.  I know exactly what you are talking about,
I had a retinal hemorrhage in October 2003 in the right eye, and then in the
left eye July 2004.  I had lots of laser before and after these events.
Finally, I had a vitrectomy in my right eye which has cleared up the blood,
although there is still junk floating around in the left eye.

My experience was the blood VERY SLOWLY cleared, but since I had it in both
eyes they did the vitrectomy so at least I would have one clear eye.  Since
then, the right eye has not bled again and the left eye is clearing.

I am sending you hugs and good wishes.  I remember that blood running when I
would lie down or tilt my head and I don't miss it.  The vitrectomy, while
not a pleasant experience, was a sucessful one.  Don't be afraid of it if
the doc tells you you need it.

Karen Howard

Hi All:  I had a bad retinal hemorrhage Dec. 18 and so far have had 875
beams, with one more scheduled appointment.  I know the retinal surgeon
explained to me that they do not coagulate, but rather burn the retina to
it into a chemical reaction from burning it and destroying the bad vessels
leaking ones.  I can see better than I did after the first round of laser
(400), but my eye is still bleeding.  (I see blood running whenever I tilt
She tells me one more treatment should do it, or I may need a vitrectomy
I really don't want! Anyway, I know that in the past I had focal laser and
they sealed the bleed right away.  This time nothing is happening  and I am
getting worried.  Yes, my field of vision is slowly clearing, but is the
bleeding just supposed to stop or what?
Nervous in NM.
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