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[IP] Re: Insulet

At 4:55 PM -0600 2/2/05, rscdaytona wrote:
>I think you people may be misunderstanding about what the Insulet 
>is actually supposed to do.. It is supposed to take your BG reading 
>then automatically give insulin to correct your BG. That's why for 
>one, it is disposable. There working with minimed now. From what I 
>hear . Its no worse then what everyone has to do now . As for 
>throwing away infusion sets and so forth. There would  be no tubing 
>to dispose of, So less trash rather than more. The article was 
>outdated but that was the only picture I could find. Although I 
>didn't look very hard . I think what they are trying to do is create 
>an artificial pancreas or as close to 1 as they can get. What I 
>think is going to happen is there going to wait on the automatic 
>delivery of insulin until that can be perfected . I do think very 
>shortly they are going to have continues BG readings threw your 
>infusion set, that will be transferred to your pump maybe every 5 to 
>10 minutes. If that happens  I know its going to, very shortly. It 
>would make it a lot easier on me , all I would have to do is look at 
>my pump to see my BG rather than having to get my meter out poke my 
>finger and then wait 5 seconds for the results then of course you 
>have to throw the strip away. I hope to see this product very soon. 
>I know its coming but I don't know any dates.. .

You might want to read the 2003 Annual Report from Medtronic, 
particularly pages 33 and 58 where they discuss MRG and the efforts 
on the MM2007 and their CGMS system.   I spoke with a MM Rep the 
other day and what he confirmed to me was that the Guardian I system 
would be coming out which would communicate directly to the 515/715 
pumps and tell the pump when you went over/under certain thresholds. 
This would cause the pump to alarm/vibrate, but as far as commanding 
the pump to dose insulin, that seems to be reserved for the MM2007, 
not any of the external pumps at this time.     :>)

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