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[IP] Re: Insulet

 I think you people may be misunderstanding about what the Insulet  is 
actually supposed to do.. It is supposed to take your BG reading then 
automatically give insulin to correct your BG. That's why for one, it is 
disposable. There working with minimed now. From what I hear . Its no worse 
then what everyone has to do now . As for throwing away infusion sets and so 
forth. There would  be no tubing to dispose of, So less trash rather than 
more. The article was outdated but that was the only picture I could find. 
Although I didn't look very hard . I think what they are trying to do is 
create an artificial pancreas or as close to 1 as they can get. What I think 
is going to happen is there going to wait on the automatic delivery of 
insulin until that can be perfected . I do think very shortly they are going 
to have continues BG readings threw your infusion set, that will be 
transferred to your pump maybe every 5 to 10 minutes. If that happens  I 
know its going to, very shortly. It would make it a lot easier on me , all I 
would have to do is look at my pump to see my BG rather than having to get 
my meter out poke my finger and then wait 5 seconds for the results then of 
course you have to throw the strip away. I hope to see this product very 
soon. I know its coming but I don't know any dates.. 
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