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[IP] RE: Eye Health Question

Good that you are having the photographs done.  My doctor's have not worried
about doing that recently.
However, my first and smaller bleeds were considered non-proliferative
retinopathy.  I kept asking if it was getting worse, or changing and they
declared my eye completely diabetes problem free.  Then when this happened,
they said it was now proliferative.  That got to be confusing.  They did take
computer photographs, just not the dye in the arm ones, so maybe that's why
they didn't see it.
On another note, I had a retinal surgeon tell me my good eye was just full of
blood.  As we can tell, if it is bleeding to that much of a degree, you
usually know about it.  I knew my good eye was just fine.  It was, and two
opinions from two other doctors concurred that there was no reason to even
touch it with a laser.
So, I guess be pro-active and be aware of any new changes, and keep doing what
you're doing!
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