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Re: [IP] Re: The pump ball has started to roll.....

> And under my plan, strips are DME. I wonder if the powers that be ever
> tried to reuse strips. My plan is after $750 deductible, they will
> gladly pay 75% up to $500.00. What a plan!!! One refill of strips eats
> that up immediately.

Take a good look at the wording of the definition of "durable medical" 
in your contract of insurance. Mine has language that pretty much 
excludes anything that is disposable. Most of the infusion supplies are 
classified as "durable medical" and I will be challenging the 
classification when the limit is reached ($2000). I expect that I will 
win since I had no hand in crafting the language. I plan to make them 
live by the letter of what is written. This has worked well in the past 
and I expect it will work again. Appeal any cutoff in benefits for 
durable medical which is actually disposable materials designed for ONE 

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