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Re: [IP] Retinopathy and laser question

I used to get fairly massive bleeds in the left eye about once a year 
and it took about 3-4 moths before I could see at all out of the 
affected eye and more like 6 until vision was normal.  I had two 
vitrectomies on the right eye (had another major bleed about a year 
after the first one; second one, at Wills Eye Clinic (the day of the 
"storm of the century" when the regular staff couldn't get into the 
hospital after surgery and I stayed longer than expected because I 
was stuck) they used so much laser I have only pinpoint central 
vision in that eye.  Then the left started, and they couldn't get the 
offending vessels because the area that kept bleeding was right over 
the optic nerve.  When I had a bleed after only two months of good 
vision a year ago last fall, the doctor here sent me down to 
Anchorage for a vitrectomy there by Dr. Swanson.  He physically 
snipped the offending vessels (I could see the scissors--they used 
lots of tranquilizers and local anesthetic) and (knock wood) I 
haven't had a bleed since.    It does take time for the blood to 
resorb, several months in my case, and my eye doctor here says the 
vitrectomy will probably speed the development of cataracts.  (I've 
already had lens replacement in the right eye.)   But after over ten 
years of being unable to drive about half the time it was definitely 
worth it.  Just wish I could see the floor and where I'm going at the 
same time!
Sue Ann Bowling, North Pole, Alaska
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