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RE: [IP] Retinopathy and Pan Retinal Laser Question

I, too, have had some major hemmhorages in both eyes over the years, but
nothing as bad as last January (2004) when I turned my head quickly to look
behind me and suddenly there was such a huge rush of thick black blood
filling my right eye.  I had had bleeds before that lasted about 5-10
minutes each with thin lines of blood streaming into my vision, but this was
different.  It completely filled my eye and kept bleeding and bleeding.  By
the next morning, everything was black.  I could not even see light.  I was
petrified, of course, but the doctors could not do anything about it because
if "we can't see out then they can't see in".  Anyway, after a total of 1500
laser burns and a year later, my eye is stable again, but I do still have
clumps of blood that have not absorbed (they are in identifiable shapes) and
am told it's due to being young and having thick vitreous fluid.  I do
remember that my eye kept bleeding off and on for a full month (you can tell
fresh blood from old blood by the color and speed that it moves--fresh=black
and fast, old blood=brownish and more slow) and I thought it would never
stop.  I did decide to stop taking my daily aspirin (which thins the blood)
and several days later I saw a drastic decrease in the bleeding.  Hang in
there!  The bleeding will stop at some point.  Feel free to email me
off-list if you would like, too!
-Kimberly Mukobi
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