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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V8 #696

 >>Laura, How do you know that the retina is still bleeding?

>Peter, because the blood runs from side to side if I tilt my head either
>direction, and also comes up and over the top if I tiltmy head the least
 >little way back. But my overall field of vision is clearing from what it >was
before round 2.

This is my experience, so ymmv.

 I had laser on each eye in Nov. '03. Only in my left eye did I have bleeding
like the way you describe. The blood was left over from the surgery and not
continually bleeding. Everytime I tilt my head back I saw the blood just like
you see in the horror films. The times at which I noticed this the most was when
woke up in the morning because of tilting my head back while sleeping. In the
morning it took a couple of minutes for the glaze to clear away. At the month
after visit, I talked about it with with my ophthalmologist and he said that I
should wait a little while longer to see if the blood would clear on it own.
After 3 months, I said that it had not cleared up at all and I would like
something done about it. The only thing that could be done was to have the
vitrectomy surgery. I decided to have this done, and not am glad I decided to do
it. The surgery went well, and cleared out all of the blood. I do occasionally
have floaters, but they clear within a few minutes.
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