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Re: [IP] Re: Insulet picture (Disposable pumps)

Does the idea of a disposable insulin pump bother anyone else?   It could just
be me, but creating a society dependant upon disposable consumables is acting
for trouble and creating bad habits.   We already have enough stuff to throw
away now and can't handle the amount of trash in our landfills.

Also, if you have a 2-piece pump, isn't it very likely you're going to end up
losing the transmitter at some point?   I guess it's not a whole lot different
from losing your pump now, but is there enough convenience gained by going to a
2-piece system?  It's much harder to lose a pump that's connected to you via a
hose.  That can't be said for a wireless transmitter.  How often do we lose
cell phones, remotes, and other electronic gadgets?

You'd think we would have heard more from this place by now if things were
going well with R&D.


--- chattanoogasue <email @ redacted> wrote:
> The article with the picture is from 2001. It stated there were only 140,000 
> diabetics using an insulin pumps. What is that number up to now?
> Cost information seems to be lacking. The old article makes it sound as 
> though you will be paying the same costs as a standard insulin pump but that 
> cost would be spread over the time period for which a pump is expected to 
> last - 4 years.
> The Insulet looks good to me. I sure am glad I waited to 2002 to become 
> diabetic.
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