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Re: [IP] Pump Cases for the Minimed Paradigm 712 or 715

>>I will be receiving a Paradigm 715 insulin pump and i am having trouble  
 >> finding cases for it. I am using a Minimed 508 right now but am unsure
I haven't looked on minimed's web site in a while, but I had the 508, and
since have gone to the 511, and now 512. I have had the flip leather case
for both sized pumps. What's nice about it is that you do not have to
remove it from the belt, all you do is pull the velcro and it drops open so
its window is facint upward tward your face. Less conspicuous for those who
care, but for me it means the tubing doesn't have to come out of the pants
helping me to avoid those conspicuous tucking-ins. See if it comes for the
715, I'll bet it does.

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