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Re: [IP] Pump Cases for the Minimed Paradigm 712 or 715

On Tue, 1 Feb 2005 19:23:47 EST, you wrote:

>>I will be receiving a Paradigm 715 insulin pump and i am having trouble  
 >> finding cases for it. I am using a Minimed 508 right now but am unsure if
 >> Paradigm will fit in the case i have for the 508. Anyone have any
>>on cases that they use for the Paradigm 712 or 715?  Thanks  Kristin

Most of the time, I'm happiest with just the plastic clip on holster that came
with the pump.  After that, I don't much like most of the cases specifically
sold for the 7xx series, at least not those from Minimed.  They're OK, but not
for me.  What HAS worked is any of a series of small belt loop equipped leather
pouches, perhaps made for cigarettes or loose change.  Zippered top.  They're
not a tight fit for the pump, but not too much larger, and the pump just drops
in the pocket, which I can then zip most of the way closed.  Hides it, leaves
room for tubing to come out.  The advantage over belt clip typse is simply that
these things generally are soft and supple, without a clip to dig into my side.
not much use if I weren't already in the habit of wearing a belt, however...  I
find these things in much the same sort of stores where one might buy cheap
handbags, wallets, misclaneous change purses, or the like.  I work near a full
time farmers market here in Seattle, and there are several dealers there who
carry inexpensive chinese import leather goods, including these things.

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